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Why hotels prefer them WHITE

Why hotels prefer them WHITE

When it comes to hotel bedsheets and towels, you might have noticed that most of them have a white color. Have you ever wondered why hotels prefer white linens over colored ones? There are several reasons behind this practice, and in this article, we will explore these reasons.

 Better Aesthetic Reason


White linens give a classic and timeless look that can complement any decor style. They make a statement of sophistication and elegance, which is essential for hotels that cater to a diverse range of guests. Additionally, white linens create an illusion of cleanliness, and hotels strive to maintain a high level of hygiene to provide a comfortable and healthy stay for their guests.


Convenience in Laundry


Another reason why hotels prefer white linens is that they are easy to clean and maintain. White gives the illusion of being more spotless, meaning that housekeeping staff can easily identify stains and apply the appropriate treatment to remove them. Colored linens can fade, bleed, and become patchy after being washed several times, which can make them look old and drab. White linens, on the other hand, can withstand multiple washes without deteriorating or losing their brightness.


Less Significant Differences


White linens provide a standard level of cleanliness, and it is more challenging to distinguish between old and new linens. This consistency is essential for hotels that have large inventories of linens as it ensures that guests receive the best quality every time they stay. Colored beddings, on the other hand, can show signs of wear and tear more quickly, and it can be harder to maintain a homogeneous look across all hotel rooms.


In conclusion, white linens are the preferred choice for hotels for a combination of aesthetic reasons and convenience in laundry. They provide a classic look and are easy to clean and maintain, which is crucial for hotels that aim to deliver the highest level of hygiene to their guests. Additionally, white linens provide a level of consistency that makes them the most practical choice for hotels that cater to a diverse range of clientele. The next time you stay at a hotel, take a moment to appreciate the beauty of their crisp white linens.

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