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Removing stains from bedsheets

Removing stains from bedsheets

We all have encountered tough stains that guests accidentally leave it on bedsheets. They can be blood stain or accidental wine spills. The following guides are methods to remove stubborn stains. So hopefully you don’t have to replace those expensive bedsheets.

Silk & Satin sheets

silk bedsheet

Silk and satin are delicate fabrics and special care need to be taken. Choose a special washing detergent that is suitable for silk, NOT the generic ones. Avoid using bleach, which will damage the fabric. Choose gentle and cold-water cycle in the washing machine. Else your expensive silk will be damaged. Try to dry it on a clothes line under the sun, since we get plenty of sunlight in Malaysia. And if you must use a dryer, use a non-heat dryer. 

Linen sheets

linen bedsheet

Linen is a durable but tricky fabric when it comes to washing. Wash your linen bedsheets on a cold cycle with minimal detergent. Try to use natural detergents (not generic ones) or use lesser detergents than normal ones. Detergents often cause the fabric to ‘harden’ after washing. Since it is durable, you may need to wash it a few times, if the stain doesn’t come off. 

What to do if you have stains

blood stain

If you notice a stain in your sheets, it is best to remove them immediately or soak them in cold water. This is to prevent the stain from setting into the fabric and its fibre. After that, you can proceed with washing your bedsheets. This applies the same for blood stains. 

If the blood stains don’t remove itself, you will need to try treating it with shampoo on the stain. Brush or rub it vigorously until most of the stain is removed. You can then rinse the stained area and wash the sheets. 


Hotel Bedding Set

Avoid Silk, Sateen and Linen bedsheets, as they are delicate fabrics and require special care when washing. We still recommend Cotton bedsheets over other materials as it is easy to maintain and soft to the touch. 

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