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Unusual Experience from Guests

Unusual Experience from Guests

We've all had difficult and bad guests checking into our units. It could be a nightmare and that unit may be unavailable for more than a week. We've been experiencing this problem for quite some time and we have learned a very effective way to handle the problem.

Bedbugs and body odours


From time to time, you may have guests checking in from different countries who have different cultures and habits. From time to time they may bring along insects like bed bugs with them. Having a mattress cover on your mattress is important for hygiene reasons. The owner of the unit ended up calling pest controls and replaced the mattress once the guests had checked out.

Extra visitors

Extra visitors

Sometimes guests booked a room for 3 persons, but they tend to squeeze in one or two extra visitors just to get away with renting a smaller room. Housekeeping staffs often report suspicion of too many occupants in certain rooms. Hosts can prepare extra foldable mattresses for these ‘unexpected’ guests, in return for extra revenue.

Stolen properties


Some guests have habits of taking things that they like, especially towels, bedsheets and even duvets. Checking the room before guests checks out and returning the deposit can refrain guests from doing so. However, it wouldn’t work when multiple guests check out all at once. So you may want to time their checkout time.

Drunk guests


Guests returning drunk to their rooms isn't that common here in Malaysia. That's because we have to pay high taxes for alcohol here, so it can be pretty expensive for drinkers to get as drunk as they want. Honestly, I don't know why anyone would want to get that wasted. If they break anything, just call security—it's not your job to clean up their messes after all.

Filthy and messy room

Filthy & Messy

What if we tell you that these dirty towels and bedsheets can be a nightmare for your hotel business? It's sad to say but some guests may dirty towels and bedsheets during their stay, sometimes leaving stain difficult to remove. These can be a nightmare when you send them to the laundry and everything gets 'contaminated'. It will be better off if you replace the bedsheets or towels with new ones.

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