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Tips from an Interior Designer

Tips from an Interior Designer


Bedding is one of the most important parts of your bedroom, but it's also something that can be hard to figure out. The right colour can make all the difference, so it’s important to do some research before buying new sheets or comforters. I've put together these tips for picking out the perfect colour:

Figure Out Your Decor Style

decor ideas

When choosing a colour scheme for your room, it's also important to take into consideration what colours are already in the space and what colours people tend to associate with certain rooms (or even just with themselves). For example: if all four walls are painted white and there are no other colours around them then this could make anyone feel very cold in an otherwise warm environment—so maybe consider adding some warmer tones like red or orange instead?

Does the Bedsheet blend well with the Bedroom

coloured bedsheet

Before you start choosing your bedroom's colour, make sure you have a good idea of how it will look with the rest of your bedroom. This can help ensure that the room is cohesive and doesn't feel too busy or jarring. One way to do this is by looking at other rooms in your house. If there are any colours in common between them (or if they're similar), then use those as inspiration for ideas about how best to decorate your own space! For example, if all three rooms feature cream-colored walls and brown furniture sets, then maybe something like those colours would work well together? Or perhaps another colour scheme might work better: perhaps blue with white accents? These two examples show how important it is for each individual space within an entire home—not just their exterior décor but also interior design choices—to come together harmoniously so that each element complements itself without overshadowing others around them (and vice versa).

Make sure you love the colour of your sheets and how it will look in the room before you buy them.

Before you buy your sheets, make sure you love the colour of your sheets and how it will look in the room. The last thing you want is to wake up and think, "I'm never going to sleep again!"

If possible, try out several different bedding sets before making a decision. This way you can see what works best with your bedroom décor and if any changes need to be made before buying new bedding.

Choose Neutral Hues

Choose neutral hues

If you want to add in more colours, go for neutral hues. Neutral colours are easier to match with other furniture and accessories. They’re also more versatile than bright hues, so they can be used in your bedroom or living room without feeling too “matchy-matchy."

If you're looking for a bolder statement, consider using accent pillows on your bed instead of blankets or sheets. An accent pillow will bring attention to the area where it's placed by its colour and pattern (you'll see what I mean when you look at these examples). You could even use different shades of blue and green together!


It can be hard to choose the right bedding colour, but with these tips, you will be better prepared for your next shopping trip. Make sure to consider all factors that go into your room’s décor.


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