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Dustmite and Bedsheets

Dustmite and Bedsheets

We’ve all heard and seen images of dust mite living in our bedsheets and mattress. Just how much of an attention do we pay on it, or do we just turn a blind eye to it. Should we be spending a fortune on expensive mattresses, hoping that they are anti dust mite? 

Dust mite


Dust mite or commonly known as bed bugs are little bugs (0.2mm – 0.3mm) that feed on skin flakes and molds. With a life-cycle of 60-100 days, a female dust mite can produce 100 dust mite and produce 2000 fecal particles. They are more common in tropical regions such as Malaysia. 

Anti Dust mite Materials


We can consider using anti dust mite materials for our bedding products, such as mattress, bedsheets, mattress protectors, pillowcases. Good quality covers made from tightly woven fabrics prevents dust mite from burrowing from the mattress and keep them contained. And make sure the mattress protector encapsulates the mattress. 

Cleaning bedsheets

Cleaning bedsheets

Washing your bedsheets, pillowcases and mattress protector every week kills off dust mite and their eggs. Washing them in hot water (600C) will ensure all dust mite and their eggs killed off. Cotton bedsheets will not have to worry, but microfibre bedsheets will inevitably experience shrinkage under high temperature. 

Vacumn Mattresses

Deep cleaning

If you have a fabric-covered mattress, try sprinkling baking soda with a few drops of essential oil on the mattress. Let it sit for 15mins and vacumn it with a strong HEPA vacumn cleaner. To save your hassle, you can engage our Specialists to clean it for you monthly.

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