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Choosing the right bath towel

Choosing the right bath towel

We have all checked in to hotels and fell in love with the softness and water absorbent of the towels that hotel uses. It is clear that the quality of bath towels plays a role in the experience of the guest’s have staying over at your homestay unit. We would also wish our guests have a good experience staying over in our homestay units. The following are certain aspects that you would need to consider when choosing the right bath towel.



When it comes to softness and water absorbent, it has got to be 100% cotton. Cotton is the only material that is soft to the skin, and water absorbent. Any other materials such as microfibre (polyester) are just cheap materials that doesn’t dries the body well. Polyester fabrics are meant for cleaning cloths and mops, not suitable for skin contact.

Don’t have to focus too much on premium cottons like Turkish, Egyptian and Supima Cotton. They are considered top-notch, and some merchants may self-claim that their towels are of such quality but not. The reality to it, Egyptian & Supima Cotton do not have much of an effect on softness and water absorbency or durability.

Combed cotton or Ring spun cotton

ring spun cotton

Combed cotton is where the cotton fibres are combed (just like how you comb or brush your hair). This is to remove short fibres, making the fabric softer and more durable. This reduces the chances of leaving lint or fibres after cleaning.

Ring Spun cotton is where the long and short fibres of cotton are spun together, creating a smoother finer yarn. This makes the towel stronger and smoother.


towel weights

Many may judge the quality of the towel by its weight in grams per square meter (gsm). The heavier the towel, the more water absorbent it is, but the harder it is to dry. From our research, 300-400gsm is considered lightweight, 400-600gsm is considered medium and anything above 600gsm is considered heavy weight.

Colour and style

white bathroom

Towels can add the warm, finishing touch to a bathroom. Considering our hot Malaysian climate, some may consider bright beachy colours. Some may want simplicity during laundry, and would opt for white colour, where it can be washed together with bedsheets without having to worry about discolouration. White towels also blend in well with most bathrooms, and you can use them in other homestay units if they get mixed up in the laundry.


We recommend white towels that are 100% cotton, as blended ones may not leave such a good impression to your guests. White colour would blend in easily to your bathroom and would make laundry a lot easier.

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